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London vs. Venice Travel Case: What's the Difference?

London vs. Venice Travel Case: What's the Difference?

Krista Klein has two exceptional jewelry travel cases, but you may be asking yourself which one is best for me? Look no further as we break down the difference between the travel cases and find the best fit for your lifestyle! 


Travel Time 

How long you plan to travel plays a large part in which Krista Klein jewelry travel case is best for you. The Venice travel case is a great choice for a quick trip or weekend getaway while the London travel case is best suited for longer trips or jewelry storage. 

Accessory Needs 

With five snaps to hold your favorite necklaces and two clear compartments for jewelry, the Venice jewelry travel case is the perfect fit for those who just need a small jewelry organizer. Are all of your pieces or favorite pieces or need more space for your jewelry? The London case is a perfect fit with ten snaps to hold necklaces and three clear compartments for your jewelry. 


While both travel jewelry cases take securing your favorite accessories to the next level, the London travel case has a removable clear compartment that can fit into most hotel safes and security deposit boxes for an extra layer of protection. Both cases are lightweight and slim, allowing your favorite pieces to hide in plain sight and giving you a piece of mind while you're traveling or hosting. 

Which Jewelry Travel Case is Right for You? 

If you love a quick weekend getaway and don't want to leave any of your favorite pieces behind, the Venice jewelry travel case would be a perfect fit for you. If all of your pieces are your favorite, you travel for periods of a week or more at a time and need an extra layer of security when it comes to your more luxurious pieces, the London would be your best choice! Either way, you can't go wrong with either jewelry travel case as they both offer the organization and security of all your favorite accessories with their excellent and sleek design. 


Happy traveling! 

Krista Klein