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Krista Klein was born out of over twenty years of friendship and one reoccurring problem - the tragedy of tangled necklaces during travel.

Kim and Karla love jewelry and believe it is the core of what completes every outfit and how individuals express themselves. After purchasing way too many jewelry travel cases with the hope that the next one would solve their jewelry travel needs, each one failed miserably! The last straw came while helping their daughters pack and move away to college. Instead of being able to use the countless jewelry travel cases they had  purchased over the years, the only solution for keeping their accessories and necklaces organized was bubble wrap and scotch tape. Kim and Karla knew there had to be another way.
 So after many years of talking to every friend, family member, and really anyone they encountered. Voila! They've designed what they believe is the perfect solution to your jewelry travel woes. A travel jewelry case that fits nicely in your carry on or suitcase, prevents necklaces from becoming tangled and spacious compartments with clear front panels so you find the exact accessory that completes your look with ease. Now pack your Krista Klein jewelry case and go travel the world in style!