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4 Tips to Keeping Your Jewelry Safe While Traveling

Although being on vacation can make you feel like you're in a perfect world, the reality is that bad things can still happen. Don't let your jewelry being stolen or missing be one of them and keep your favorite accessories safe using these 4 tips. 

Use A Krista Klein Travel Case

Investing in a travel case for your jewelry can provide you with an extra sense of security and piece of mind when traveling. Discrete and easily portable, Krista Klein's travel cases are the perfect way to keep your jewelry safe during your travels. Cases can be easily put into carry-ons that will never leave your side and can even fit into most hotel safes with a removeable bottom compartment. 

Take Photographs of Your Jewelry 

In the unfortunate instance your jewelry does go missing during your travels, creating a visual checklist of all the jewelry in your possession before you leave can provide evidence if it's needed by a hotel or local police. These pictures can also serve as your own personal checklist to make sure you have all your pieces before you leave to go home. 

Find a Clever Hiding Spot 

Although utilizing a safe is the best way to keep your valuables- well, safe- you may not always have access to one in your travels. In that case, finding a clever hiding spot is ideal to keeping your favorite pieces protected and hidden. Under large pieces of furniture or in the back of a closet are great places to consider hiding your jewelry. 

Invest in Luggage Locks 

Investing in luggage locks can add an extra layer of protection and prevent thieves from breaking into a checked bag, carry on or even a purse. A lock can also help hold your bag’s zippers together so they don’t work their way open while in transit. 


Although taking these precautions does not guarantee the safety of your jewelry, they can help lower your risk of having your favorite pieces go missing or stolen during your travels. Luckily, Krista Klein's got you covered with piece of mind and organization while you travel. With discrete, light-weight and perfectly portable jewelry travel cases, Krista Klein not only keeps your jewelry organized during your travels, but secure in secret hiding spots or safes!