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How to Pick the BEST Honeymoon Destination

Looking to spend your first few days (or weeks!) in a honeymooners paradise? Whether you and your spouse are ready to take on the town, sight-see to your hearts desire or do nothing at all on a beach, these questions will help you navigate to the perfect destination! 

How Much Are We Willing To Spend?

Whether you kept it small or went all out on your recent nuptials, money is most likely on the forefront of your mind while planning your ultimate honeymoon. Be realistic about your budget, do you have room to go all out or would something more local fit the bill?

Consider looking into all-inclusive resorts to save on going out, or look into a local B&B with walkable amenities to save on a rental car. Most importantly, agree on your budget and stick to it! 

What Do We Want To Accomplish?

Knowing what you want to do while you're on your honeymoon is key to picking the ultimate honeymoon destination. Do you and your spouse agree on going sight-seeing or would you both rather lay in a tropical paradise? Talk to your spouse and agree to what you want to do while you're on your honeymoon before deciding on your destination. Although this may require some compromises from the two of you (welcome to marriage!), at the end of the day be sure to do what you AND your spouse would love. 

How Long Do We Want Our Honeymoon To Be? 

 A short honeymoon doesn't mean you'll be short on memories made! Although most couples take about a week to enjoy their honeymoon, consider taking a long weekend if you're trying to save some money. Have more time on your hands? Taking an extended honeymoon can give your and your new spouse more time to travel further abroad or even travel to multiple locations. 


No matter where you and your spouse end up, at least you'll be together in newlywed bliss! Be sure to pack your Krista Klein jewelry travel case so you'll always be picture ready in your favorite accessories for all your honeymoon pictures!