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Top 5 Travel Hacks for Your Next Getaway

Top 5 Travel Hacks for Your Next Getaway

Between planning your itinerary and packing, nowadays vacations are just as, if not more, stressful than our everyday lives we need a break from. With the rising flight cost and the airport traffic at an all-time high, it seems like everyone could use some travel hacks to simply our next getaway. 

Any vacation requires planning, between deciding on a destination, to preparing your ideal wardrobe, we have complied the best travel hacks to help you off in in ease and in style. 

Don't pay a premium for your flights

Numerous online resources are available at your disposable to find the flight to your destination for a low price. With nationwide gas prices at an all-time high, consider if your round-trip flight would be the same price as a road trip to your destination. Additionally, online flight tracking platforms like Google Flights, Skyscanner, and Hopper allow you to compare flight options. Consider the following additional tips to avoid paying a premium for your flight:

  • If you make travel plans to a repeat destination for family or for work, consider joining your preferred airline's frequent flyer program. They typically come with perks such as travel vouchers, free additional carryon or additional concessions during the flight. 
  • Plan ahead. Unexpected travel plans are bound to arise from time to time, but if it can be helped, look for travel dates that are lower in price. For instance, traveling in-between the workweek is significantly cheaper than making plans over the weekend.

open Krista Klein London travel case with jewelry

Travel with a jewelry case

If you have ever packed your jewelry in your carry on or your luggage, you know the horror of seeing your beautiful pieces tangled when you unpack your bags. The last thing you want is to arrive at your dream destination and spend hours of your time untangling your favorite gold chain. The VENICE bag by Krista Klein allows you to securely pack your must-have accessories for your next big adventure. It's chic and stylish, and it keeps all your jewelry from getting tangled. 

Download Google Maps offline

 If you're traveling to an area with less than perfect cell reception, you could run the issue of your GPS not working without internet connection. If you're traveling internationally, you run an even greater chance of this happening to you. Google Maps allows you to download an offline version of the major cities and areas at your destination. Sharpen your reading skills, and get familiar with the area around the airport and your lodging area as it could save you the headache of waiting for directions from the internet. 

Travel hacks for traveling

Cut the cost of a hotel

Consider traveling with a group and splitting the cost of the hotel. Hotels can offer room packages that get cheaper the more people stay in their suites. These packages can include spa vouchers, travel credits, and attraction tickets. Are you traveling alone? Rather than looking into the expensive resort hotels, consider renting a room at a home nearby the resort like on AirBNB. Typically, hosts will offer you similar amenities that come with a luxury resort, such as pool access or complimentary toiletries. If your looking to save some cash by not having to shell out on amenities, these are perfect travel hacks. 

Venture out of the norm

Finally, if you are just looking for a break from your work-week stress, consider traveling to a non-tourist destination. Plenty of cities have local attractions, national parks and museums, and culinary hotspots that are asking to be explored. They provide great photo ops for your social media and it drives traffic to small businesses all across the world.

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