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The Best October Travel Destinations of 2022

The Best October Travel Destinations of 2022

It is officially spooky season — a time to bust out the Halloween decorations & creative scary costumes. However, something to consider is that now is the time to fit in any last minute getaways before the prices for airlines soar with the upcoming holiday travel. 

We know that you are seeking for the perfect photo ops when you're on vacation, be that with the sights, the local cuisine or even just a selfie with perfect lighting. Krista Klein has complied the best October travel destinations where you can decompress and relax, sightsee, and of course, get plenty of photo opportunities. 

October travels

Portland, Maine

Two words: Acadia's Oktoberfest. This is the ideal vacation for an eclectic few. Maine is a hot spot during summer travels, but tourism decreases by October (so plenty of opportunities for lower-costing airfare and travel packages). 

The state is nothing short of a hidden treasure. Known for kayaking, hiking, whale-watching and apple-picking, it provides something for everyone which is a recipe for a successful trip.  If that's not enough, we'd like to highlight their Oktoberfest, it showcases local breweries, fresh-caught lobster and wine tasting. 

If that's not enough, there are plenty of photo ops for your October travels. Historical buildings, changing foliage and local hotspots should give you plenty of opportunities for photoshoots and social media posts. 

arizona fall travels

Tucson, Arizona

The spirit of adventure is still thriving in Arizona, between its fields of wildflowers and expansive red cliffs. If you decide to head to Arizona for your October travels, you will be greeted with long sunsets and nice weather conditions. 

Explore mountain summits and make your mark on the red soil, Arizona is home to expansive scenic views - great for photo ops! Even if this isn't lined up for your fall travels, this is a must-see because of the unique atmosphere and community culture only found here. 

portugal october travels

Lisbon, Portugal

Described as the place where time stops, Portugal is a popular tourist destination as it offers something for everyone. Plenty of resorts, historical landmarks, traditional architecture and vast natural scenery. 

In October, it is not only cooler, but is it also less crowded, but there are still plenty to enjoy even with the lack of tourist-heavy focused events. Ideal for people who love to take in the sights as there are plenty of sightseeing and photo opportunities. Enjoy the Campo Pequeño Wine Market where local vintners display the fruits of their labor. 

Also, it doesn't hurt to soak up the Mediterranean. Along the Lisbon coast, there are plenty of resort towns along the white-sandy beaches and crystal-clear water. Definitely a destination for your October travels for anyone who loves to venture out of the country. 

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