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The Top Trends in Winter Fashion for 2022

The Top Trends in Winter Fashion for 2022

As we near the end of the year, we also close the chapter on this year’s trends. When it comes to fall & winter fashions, it’s pretty standard what we would see: cozy sweaters & cardigans, and winter boots, we even praised the traditional fashion season. However, interestingly enough we have also seen the resurgence of vintage fashion from the 80s, 90s, and even the 2000s.

For the Winter Fashion trends of 2022, it’s anticipated that they will be iconic and ideal for any occasion you have this holiday season. In preparation for the upcoming Winter, we have assembled a collection of cozy fashions to keep you in style.

Y2K Realness

Believe it or not, the year 2000 was over two decades ago and with the era of fast fashion that we live in, it’s no surprise that we would want to express ourselves in low-rise bottoms, polo shirts, graphic tees; these old trends are back and proving themselves to be stabled in the fashion world. This style is quick to fill wardrobes and is a trend to keep an eye on. It’s forecasted to be the next iconic statement in fashion, between its comfort and “low-key luxury” look, we suggest it’s time to bust out any pieces you have from two decades ago because it’s back and trendier than ever.

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A “Pop” of Color

Historically, the fall/winter fashions have been concurrent in terms of fashion, we see earthy tones and muted accents. However, this year it was the complete opposite of what you would expect from a red carpet. We have seen the resurgence of these unseasonably bright colors that really serve as eye-turners for everybody. Magenta, red, royal purple, tangerine, and green are not typical of winter fashions however they have made a resurgence this year.

Must-Have Statement Accessories 

We all love a great accessory. These statement pieces add flare and charm to any of your winter fashion looks. This holiday season, chunky pendants are the latest trend; heart necklaces, butterfly pendants, and even decorative keys. Ana Luisa has a gorgeous Puffed Heart Necklace that would make any crowd double-take your outfit.  


The Perfect Pairing for your Winter Accessories

The winter season is the perfect time for travel, across the U.S, foliage is changing and the temperature changes, giving you the perfect chance to show off your Winter looks. Of course, you'd pack your accessories for your outfits during your travels, making our London Travel Jewelry Case is your best friend. Lightweight and luxurious, this case makes taking your favorite accessories a breeze.