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Your Guide to Thanksgiving Fashion

Your Guide to Thanksgiving Fashion

Time to welcome the season of gratitude, good food, and reunions in style and comfort. But let's face it, ladies, it's hard to look your best, between cooking with your loved ones or braving the airport during the holiday rush, fashion may be the last thing on your mind. Fear not though, as style and comfort are on the menu for your wardrobe in November and we have suggestions to keep chic at your functions. 

Whether you're planning a special potluck with friends, traveling to see your loved ones, or even celebrating alone with your significant other, Krista Klein assembled cozy and stylish threads that will keep you looking your best while enjoying your favorite Thanksgiving dishes. 

Sweater (Dress) Weather

We all love a sweater, especially during the chilly winter months. Versatile, chic, and varied, you can find a sweater in every color and in tons of fabrics. These are perfect because you can style them to your liking. If the day calls for warm weather like in Texas, short booties or pumps with your favorite necklace make the perfect outfit for your day. If the weather is chilly and you need to bundle up, pair your sweater dress with tights and some thigh-high booties. 

 The Perfect Look for Any Food Coma

Classic jeans and sweater pairing is the perfect get-up for any potluck; it screams casual and can be elevated to also scream glamor. For your sweater of choice, choose an oversized one or you can even include a sweater with a chunky knit. As for jeans, you can go classic blue or even have a little fun with washed denim or ripped jeans paired with leggings for layering. This style lends itself to plenty of options for customization for any occasion. 

Black on Black Leather

If you have been looking for an excuse to wear your leather jackets, then look no further than a black-on-black look. Pair your favorite leather jacket with a sweater and your black pants to have a timeless and elegant look. 

The Perfect Pairing for your Winter Accessories

The winter season is the perfect time for travel, across the U.S, foliage is changing and the temperature changes, giving you the perfect chance to show off your Winter looks. Of course, you'd pack your accessories for your outfits during your travels, making our London Travel Jewelry Case is your best friend. Lightweight and luxurious, this case makes taking your favorite accessories a breeze.